Reasons To Consider Replacing A Hydraulic Cylinder With A New One

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If your company uses hydraulic cylinders to get the job done, you know how important it is to keep these complex pieces of machinery running smoothly. You likely already do regular maintenance on your equipment, but eventually, parts will break down and be in need of repair. But how do you know when it's time to stop making repairs and just contact a local hydraulic cylinder manufacturer to get a new cylinder instead? Here are some scenarios where investing in a new cylinder might be the right move.

Things Are Clearly Breaking Down and There's a New Repair Every Month

Are you having to contact a local hydraulics repair service with increasing frequency? After a certain point, it's going to become clear that you have more parts that are deteriorating than you have parts that still work like new. Yes, installing one or more brand new cylinders will cost money, but go back and add up how much you've been spending in maintenance and repairs over the last few months and it might be clear that it's time for new equipment.

Something Broke in a Way Where Repair Is No Longer Possible or Safe

Do you use hydraulic cylinders in combination with other heavy equipment or heavy materials and something accidentally bumped into or got dropped onto a cylinder? If you have parts that have clearly been crushed into pieces, the cost of repair is going to be much more expensive or it might not even be possible to repair the cylinder at all. If this is the case, a manufacturer may be able to help your company resolve the issue quickly so you don't lose too much revenue as a result of the incident.

It's Simply Time for More Oomph Out of Your Cylinders

Maybe you can make a few repairs on your current equipment but you also know that your company is going to need more power in the future than what your current cylinders can provide. Perhaps it's time to contact a manufacturer about upgrading your current equipment and future-proofing it so that you have all the power you need and then some in the years to come.

New hydraulic cylinders don't come cheap, but there are some scenarios where putting the money into new equipment should be viewed as a wise investment when compared with continuing to sink money month after month into repair costs. Contact a local hydraulic cylinder manufacturer to get started. 


24 February 2022

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