Pipeline Information And Safety Tips For Homeowners

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Pipelines run across much of this country delivering oils and gases like natural gas, jet fuel, home heating oil, and even diesel and gasoline fuels. These pipelines are a safe and effective way to supply these oils/gases to help run our economy. If you have a home that is near a pipeline, you may have seen some of the pipeline markers indicating you have a buried pipeline near you. These markers will show the company that owns the pipeline, as well as codes that tell what exactly runs through this pipeline. If you live near one of these markers, it's important that you know a little more about it for your own safety. See below for some information and safety tips you should know.

Pipeline Markers

Again, these markers stick out of the ground and indicate that there is an underground pipeline nearby. It should have the company information that owns the pipeline, product information, as well as an emergency phone number to call if there is ever a problem. There are also aerial markers that point upwards. You may have noticed helicopters or low flying planes that fly by periodically. These helicopters/planes will sometimes fly by to monitor the pipeline. These aerial markers are usually near roadways, highways, or by railroad crossings. To see where pipelines are located across the country, you can visit Pipeline 101 for a map.

Recognizing A Leak

Pipelines are considered safe, but leaks can happen. If there is ever a leak, you should be able to recognize one and call in the emergency to prevent injury to anyone living nearby or damage to property. If there is a leak, you may be able to hear a hissing noise, which may be gas leaking from the pipe (depending on the type of pipeline). If you notice a gaseous smell, it could be a leak. Liquid gas pipelines that leak may leave a pooling of gas/petroleum/oil on the ground, and you may see an oily sheen on the ground.

Calling In A Leak

If you notice a leak, by sight, by smell, or by sound, call 911 immediately and the emergency number listed on the marker (this number should be kept in your home). Be sure to give them all of the information you have about the leak. If the leak is close by your home, be sure to turn off anything that could ignite the leak. You should also leave the area and get to a safe area, away from the leak. Also direct any other persons away from the leak as well. Do not get into a car, as starting the car can lead to an ignition of the leak -- walk (or bike) away from the area.

When living near a pipeline, it's important to know about the pipeline, as well as what to do in case of an emergency. You can contact the pipeline company, like Guildner Pipeline Maintainance, directly for further safety tips and information about the pipeline near you.


27 October 2016

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