Need an Industrial Sign for Your Building? What to Know

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If you are building a commercial property, are looking for ways to display the name of the business on the building without having something too large or cheap looking, and don't want the name engraved on the brick, there are a few things to consider. You can put something on the stone or siding instead of engraving it or having a sign out in the yard.

If you don't know whether the company will stay in that location, or if you worry about doing something permanent in case you sell the building in the future, avoid doing something that can't be reversed. Ask a metal-fabrication specialist or laser-cutting company about the following options for your commercial property.

Laser-Cut Sign

A metal sign can be designed with great detail, include the logo of your company, and be cut with lasers. You can choose the type of metal you want for the sign and then find a local professional to do the work so that the cuts are perfect and the metal is clean and undamaged. You can have this mounted into the brick or siding around the outside of your building. With proper maintenance, this sign will resist weathering damage and look great for years.

Welded Sign

If you are looking for a 3D sign that will pop out at you when you are walking up to the building, a sign with metal letters or components welded together may be a better option. You can weld the sign to a structure or fixture, and then it can be removed later on if that is needed for any reason. The welded metal will be durable and reliable over time, and you can also change the sign at a later time with the help of the welders that created the original sign. You can put this on a statue or retaining wall easily if you want to draw attention from the road.

If you want to put a sign with your business name where everyone can see it as they approach your commercial property, but you don't want something that is made of plastic or that will permanently affect the building, a chic metal sign that is welded or cut out with lasers is ideal. Find a local company such as Checkpoint Welding & Fabrication that specializes in laser cutting and welding to see what type of sign they can create to go on the side of your building or be mounted in an area where it's easily seen but can still be removed later on if that is needed.


25 October 2016

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