Need a New Forklift? Two Reasons Why You Should Purchase an Electric Model

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Whether you work in a busy warehouse or in the construction yard, forklifts can be absolutely invaluable when it comes to getting your tasks done.  They allow you to lift items that would be nearly impossible to move without the force from the forklift.  If you're looking to get a new forklift, you may be confused concerning which model is right for you.  Use this information to learn more about why an electric forklift is the best way to go.

Electric Forklifts Promote a Cleaner Environment

One of the main reasons why you should choose an electric forklift is because they promote a cleaner environment.  This is especially important if you work in an indoor space, since traditional forklifts are notorious for the noise and pollution that they can give off when operated inside.

Forklifts that use gasoline or diesel fuels typically emit very strong odors when in operation.  The smell may be so strong that the individual operating it, along with those around them, are forced to wear masks over their faces to protect themselves from the fumes.  

In addition, forklifts can be extremely loud.  Workers often have to yell and scream out to each other over the roar created by the forklift.  All of this adds up to an environment that may not be so pleasant to work in.

Electric forklifts operate in a much quieter fashion.  While the machine still gives off the warning beep to make others aware of its presence, it doesn't have the clanging sounds that accompany traditional forklifts.  This promotes a quieter environment that allows workers to hear each other without the need to scream.

Electric Forklifts Eliminate the Need for Fuel Storage

Another reason why you should purchase an electric forklift is because it eliminates the need for fuel storage.  Storing fuel can be a hazard in certain respects, so this is definitely a benefit that can be highly advantageous for you.

Because electric forklifts have a battery, they are charged at a charging station between uses.  Over time, this feature could end up saving you quite a bit of money because you won't need to constantly purchase and store fuel in order to keep your forklift going.

Making the switch to an electric forklift could end up being a very wise decision.  Visit your local heavy equipment supply center like U.S. Lift & Warehouse Equipment Inc so you can learn more about the options available when you buy an electric forklift.


25 October 2016

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