Have A Belt Company? Tips On Purchasing An Industrial Sewing Machine

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If you own your own belt company, you will need a good industrial sewing machine to sew your belts. This will allow you to make a better product to keep your customers happy. It will also save you a lot of time as an industrial sewing machine will make things go much quicker for you. Below is some information about this type of sewing machine that you will find helpful when you shop for one.

Types of Industrial Sewing Machines

When you start shopping for a sewing machine for your belt business you will find there are many different types to choose from. The differences between sewing machines are the needle post and the design of the arm.

A flatbed sewing machine is very common and this machine looks much like a traditional sewing machine you will find in homes. This type of sewing machine would work well if you also make types of clothing as it is used to sew pieces of fabric together.

For your belt company, you will need a cylinder bed sewing machine. Instead of a flat base like a traditional machine, it has a horizontal, narrow column. This allows you to place the leather for your belts around and under the column much easier.

A post bed sewing machine is another option you have, which features a bobbin and loopers or feed dogs in a vertical column. The bobbin rises above the base while you are sewing. This type works best if you have to put types of emblems on your belt.

Industrial Sewing Machine Features

One feature you need to consider is speed. If you have every sewed on a traditional sewing machine, you know it can be slow while you are stitching something. With an industrial machine, the speed is much quicker so you can make your belts much faster. You do have to consider that a very fast machine could result in injury. For this reason, purchase a machine that allows you to change the speed.

Types of Feed

Industrial sewing machines have different types of feed. A feed that lies below the surface of the sewing machine is a common type and sews traditional fabrics, such as cotton and linen.

There is also needle feed, which is when the needle is the feed mechanism, and is used when working with multiple layers of fabric.

There is also the puller feed which can grip and pull thick materials, such as leather, through the machine so the seams will be completely straight, which is important for the aesthetics of your product.

Contact an industrial sewing machine company in your area to learn much more about them. This can help you purchase the sewing machine that is right for your company.


25 October 2016

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