4 Steps To Take Before Winter To Protect Your Air Compressor System

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If your business uses an air compressor system, there are four steps that you are going to want to take before winter in order to protect your system and ensure that your system continues to work effectively. 

#1 Clear The Filters

The first thing you need to do is clear all of the air filters in your compressor. Depending on the size of your compressor, you may have more than one. Take out the filters, rinse them off in your utility sink or with a hose, and allow them to dry. If you have had the same filters for a long time and have manually cleaned them a couple times, change out your older filters for new ones.

Dirty filters do not work effectively and can allow contaminants to get into your air compressor. Dirt filters can also clog up your system and cause the pressure inside of your air compressor to drop, affecting the quality of the work that you are doing with it.

#2 Check For Leaks In The Air System

Check along all the moveable components and joints in your air compressor system and make sure that air is not leaking out at any point. Low or inconsistent air pressure is a sign that you may have a leak.

If you identify or find a leak, be sure to schedule a technician to come out and fix it. Over the long term, leaks in your compressor will cost you money, damage your equipment, and lead to higher energy costs.

#3 Check All The Drains

Next, you need to check all of the drains within your air compressor. Make sure that air is able to flow through all parts of your system and keep an eye out for any areas that may be blocked by an obstruction.  

#4 Check Insulation & Weather Stripping

Finally, you need to make sure that you protect your air compressor during the colder months of the year. Cold external temperatures can affect the performance of your air compressor. Make sure that the weather stripping around your machine is not cracked or brittle; if it is, replace the weather stripping right away.

If your air compressor is not insulated, now is the time to invest in some insulation to wrap your air compressor in. Make sure that you apply insulation around any drains or pipes extends out from your compressor or feeding into it. Be sure that the insulation is sealed and tight, but make sure that you can access all monitors and switches on the compressor. 

Keeping your air compressor properly insulated will help protect the internal components and will reduce the chance for weather related complications. 

If you don't have the time or skill set to complete the four steps below, have an air compressor technician come out and inspect your air compressor and perform any necessary maintenance for you. For more information, contact a company like Kruman Equipment Company.


25 October 2016

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