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Drilling a well for a main potable water supply is best done by a professional driller using industrial-quality equipment, since this will help ensure that the well is deep enough so that running dry isn't as much of an issue. Once the well is in, the work isn't done. You will need to perform regular maintenance to maintain a safe water supply. The following tips can help.

Tip #1: Perform annual testing

Annual well testing ensures that major problems are caught early enough so that they can be repaired without compromising the well. A bacterial test should always be performed to make sure the water is still safe for drinking. The water should also be tested for any type of hazardous materials, including pesticide runoff or other mechanical or industrial waste materials that have leached into the groundwater. Heavy metals testing may also be necessary.

Tip #2: Schedule yearly pump inspections

The pump is one of the most important mechanical parts of your well. It's vital to keep it in good working order so the water continues to flow. A professional inspection will verify that all mechanical parts and seals are working properly. The technician will then lubricate the moving parts so they do not seize up. They will also replace any parts that are wearing out with new parts that are recommended by the manufacturer.

Tip #3: Check the well cover monthly

You can perform monthly well cover checks on your own. Verify that the cover is undamaged and fits the well opening securely. Also, take a few minutes to make sure the seal is in good condition. It's much easier to replace the seal or a failing cover than try to clean out a well that has been compromised from hazardous materials getting in through the failing cover.

Tip #4: Manage the back flow

Back flow can occur when you have a hose hooked up to your well. If the hose is placed inside a body of water or a container of water that contains hazardous materials, some of these materials can back flow into the well and cause contamination. If you are filling up ponds or pools, or mixing pesticides or fertilizers, then position the hose above the vessel that holds the liquid. Do not submerge the hose in the liquid.

For more help with maintaining or repairing your well, contact a well drilling technician in your area. For more information contact a company like Rippe Well Service INC.


24 October 2016

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