Three Uses For Electrical Contractors In An Industrial Setting

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If you own and operate an industrial chemical supply company, you need electricity to produce the chemicals you make. You also need electricity to help move the chemicals along the production lines, via vacuum suction pipes and whatnot. In fact, there are probably many more electrical aspects to your industry than you have ever stopped to consider. In the event that you need electrical contractors for something, you will probably find them most useful for all of the following.

Sealing off and Protecting Electrical Components from Caustic Chemicals

Never mind the water—caustic chemicals in your industry can cause fires when mixed with electricity. An electrical contractor can help seal off the areas where wiring, cables, and circuit breaker boxes are a little too close to vats of chemicals. Sealed metal pipes, clear plastic cases, and liquid-resistant components all aid in the prevention of fires and accidental explosions from fried/frayed wires and flammable chemicals.

Wiring an Entire New Wing of the Plant

When you begin to expand your industrial plant to make more chemicals for consumers, you will need an electrical contractor for that as well. He or she can and will wire the entire new wing of the plant and he/she will make sure that all of the electrical wiring and components are well out of the way of chemical plumbing lines and vats. Gas lines will be installed far away from the electrical lines, so your gas company representative may arrive to work on the same day as the electrical contractor during construction. 

Updating All Wiring and Circuit Breaker Boxes

You have to remain compliant with FCC rules and regulations as well as the rules and regulations set forth by the Department of Energy. That includes updating all of your electrical wiring and circuit breaker boxes, if they are especially old, outdated, or can no longer handle the energy load needed to conduct daily business. After the electrical contractor has completed the work, you will need a building inspector to make sure everything is up to code or your electrical contractor may have to rework the items that are not up to snuff.

Pulling All Non-Essential Live Wiring

You may be surprised to learn that after several decades there are still wiring systems in place in your building that should not be there. These are a drain on your plant's power and cost you money. The electrical contractor can find all non-essential live wiring (and dead wiring, too!) and remove them so that they are no longer a danger or financial burden.


24 October 2016

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