Three Things You Need To Be Extra-Cautious About When You DIY A Driveline Rebuild

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If you want to get down to the nitty-gritty of car repairs, rebuilding your own driveshaft counts. Since your driveshaft is responsible for controlling your wheels and the direction they go, you could be facing some serious consequences if you do it wrong. Still, if you are extra-cautious doing your driveline rebuild, you can easily avoid these three things that would have disastrous results otherwise.

Make Sure That All Parts Are Oiled/Greased As Needed

The spinning center shaft of the driveshaft is one such part that needs to be lubed. It constantly spins as the car moves, and it has a tendency to heat up if there is not enough lube. Rather than run the risk of starting a fire underneath your car because the driveshaft began burning too hot, grease/lube this part well during the shaft rebuild.

Snug Fit on the U-Joints

The U-joints connect the drive shaft to the axles and steering column and help control which way the wheels turn. You want a snug fit between the u-joints and the connections to other driveline components, but you do not want them to be so snug they cannot turn. As a DIY project, you will need to first attach the u-joints to the driveshaft and then to the axles and steering column, making sure to attach them loosely at first.

Test the work by turning the wheel of the vehicle this way and that, watching the wheels as you do this. You will feel how tight or loose the turns are. Then tighten the connections and the joints a little more, being sure to test the turns of the driving wheel after each adjustment. When the driving wheel feels a little snug in its turns but still turns smoothly and turns the car's wheels in the correct directions, you have finished this part correctly.

Everything That Needs to Be Tightly Bolted, Is

Lastly, you will see that there are several areas on a driveshaft that require some heavy duty bolts. These bolts make sure your driveshaft does not disconnect and drop the driveshaft out from under you and/or cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Tightly bolt everything that requires it, and do not leave a single bolt out simply because you cannot find it or think it will not be a problem when driving the vehicle. You should have no leftover parts or leftover bolts when you are done with your driveshaft rebuild.

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24 October 2016

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