3 Ways To Keep Your Hydraulic Baler In Good Working Condition

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In the industrial sector, the hydraulic baler is one of the most important pieces of large equipment a company can have. This large piece of machinery resembles a garbage compactor in design and operation and is used to compact recyclable 'waste' produced in manufacturing into tight bales for shipment and removal. These hydraulic machines can crush anything from paper to plastics and are very beneficial to have onsite for reducing collected waste and providing an organized method of recycling. To keep your own baler in great working condition, follow these 3 easy tips for healthy operation.

Keep spare parts on-hand

Since these balers are in near non-stop operation, at some point a belt, screw, bolt, or other smaller component will wear out and cause operation to halt. Keep spare parts on hand to replace loose or non-working parts immediately so your machine can stay in healthy operation without stopping and backlogging recyclable processing. You can buy replacement parts from your hydraulic baler retailer or buy aftermarket parts from any supplier.

Inspect the unit daily

Few things can cause a hydraulic baler to break down more quickly than debris that should not be in the unit. Balers are typically designed to crush paper and light-weight plastic products, which means if metal components or rubber parts get stuck in the gears or get in the way of operation, things can go wrong quickly. Inspect all items going into the baler prior to compacting them and check the baler itself for foreign objects so you can catch potential problems before they arise.

Repair small problems as they arise

One of the largest issues that hydraulic balers suffer from is imbalance in the crushing materials in the machine. This small issue may be hard to notice at first, but will soon create a larger problem with the whole machine and cause assembled components to fall out of alignment. If you notice that bales are not as tight as they should be or that your baler is producing lopsided bales where they used to be more uniform in size, imbalance may be to blame. This and other small repairs should be taken care of professionally as soon as possible to avoid larger damages or potential danger while in operation.

You want all your industrial equipment to remain in great working condition for as long as you can. Your hydraulic baler can be a reliable piece of equipment for your company for years with the right preventative care. For more information, contact local professionals like Bayou City Hydraulics.


24 October 2016

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