Tips For Speeding Up Your Brake Press Machining Production

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The role your machine shop's brake press plays in daily parts production could be great. Taking steps to improve your production can start with speeding up the work being done on the brake press. Whether you have one press or more operating in your shop, follow these tips for helping to speed up operations for increasing production levels.

Tool Organization Matters

When a certain part needs to be made on a brake press, it will take longer if your operator has to search for the tools needed to make it. If your brake press station does not have tool carts placed close by, taking the time to make sure they are can help a lot. Making sure the tools are well-organized on carts is vital for an operator to be able to locate them faster when a part needs to be made. Never store heavy tools far from the brake press to save time hauling them over to it when they are needed. Bear in mind your welders or laser cutting operators may be waiting for the parts to come off the brake press before they begin the final steps in a part's production, so keeping organized brake press operators on task is best.

Tool Maintenance Can Mean No Food or Drink Near The Brake Press Tool Box

Caring for the tools used during brake press operation is vital for your production to gain any profitable speed. For example, if your operators keep drinks with them at their presses and the cups condensate, the water left behind could be the reasons a wrench or other tool started rusting when lying next to it. If your operator used the top of a tool box as a place to sit a drink, the condensation could make its way into the tools box, causing more than one tool to rust. When the time comes for a part to be made from finished steel, the tools that have rust on them cannot be used; thus the time will be taken for the operator to locate a tool that is clean enough to use. Making it a rule that no food or beverages are allowed out on the fab shop floor is a good idea.

Lighting Up Bend Sequences

When it comes to time-consuming tasks on a brake press, one of the greatest is lining up material for ensuring they are bent in a proper sequence. Adding clamping, crowning, and bottom tool holders with built-in LED lights can help your operator see clearly where bends are to be taken. The lights are integrated into the control of the press so they will light up when a bend is occurring, reducing the time it takes to make appropriate bend sequences.

Your brake press operations can determine a great deal about the speed of your machining and parts production. It is certainly worthwhile to invest time in creating a more organized press operation.


21 October 2016

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