3 Of The Most Durable Metal Roofing Options, Their Costs, And The Advantages


Metal roofing is a great option to replace an old shingle roof or to install on a new home. There are also a variety of metal materials to choose from. The cheapest materials are galvanized roofing panels, which can wear out over time. You may want to choose other alternatives for a more durable and attractive metal roof. Some of the best roofing materials include coated steel, aluminum, and copper. Here are some of the most durable metal roofing products, their costs, and their benefits:

1. Coated Steel Materials For A Metal Roof With A Durable Finish

Steel roofing can be a good material for your roof, but it can also age and wear with time. Today, there are different methods of coating the metal with a durable finish. Stone coatings can help protect your roof from common wear and make it last a lot longer. There are also standing seam steel roofs that have a powder coated finish for a more durable roofing solution for your home. Of all the durable materials available, steel materials will be the most affordable.

2. Aluminum Materials For Metal Roofing That Is More Durable Than Tin Or Steel

If you are willing to spend a little more for durability, aluminum is another good option. It is a little costlier than steel, but it can last a lot longer because it does not have problems with corrosion that is associated with tin and steel materials. Aluminum can also have colored finishes and protective coatings for an attractive metal roofing solution. Aluminum is also a lighter material, which can make it a good solution for structures where roof loads are a concern.

3. Copper Materials For An Attractive Metal Roof That Will Last For Decades

Copper is probably one of the most durable materials that you can have installed on your roof. It is also the costliest metal roofing material, which is why you do not see it on entire homes often. If you have a small roof, copper can be a good choice if you can afford it. It can also be a good choice for some of the smaller architectural details. Copper will give you an attractive roof that will look better as it ages because of the green patina that aging copper develops.

While an investment in metal roofing may cost more than twice of what other materials would, these are also roofs that last many times longer. If you are ready for a new roof for your home, contact a metal roofing service, such as JD Metals, and talk with them about some of these materials for your home.  


21 October 2016

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