Selecting A Roll-Out Wheel For Your Pipe Welding Projects

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If you regularly weld pipes as part of your work, a roll-out wheel is an essential tool for making the process easier. You can bolt a pipe flanges to it and roll the wheel as you weld. Finding a suitable wheel for your own purposes can be a challenge; focus on the following advice in order to select a good one.

Try a Variety of Wheels

The best way to understand how a particular wheel would work on a day-to-day basis is to try it out for yourself. If you can't locate retailers who will give you a "test drive" of the wheels they have, you might be able to talk to other local welders who are willing to part with their wheel for a short period so you can test it out. Even if you don't end up buying the wheels you try, you'll get a feel for what features you like and which you don't.

Opt for a Wheel with Clamps

To hold the flange in place, you might opt for a roll-out wheel that comes equipped with clamps. The clamps will free up your hands so that you can pay more attention to the weld instead of holding the flange in place. Getting a wheel that has clamps attached will also enable you to start work without first having to find and collect clamps around your shop.

Look for a Locking Hub

A good roll-out wheel will allow you to pivot the tool in a variety of directions so that you can weld comfortably. However, that can also be a disadvantage if you can't lock the wheel into one position and it moves around when you don't want it to. For that reason, it's smart to make sure you buy a wheel that has a locking hub that you can engage when you want the wheel to stay put.

Compare Warranties

As with any tool, the components of a roll-out wheel can break or malfunction. To protect your investment, it's wise to choose a roll-out wheel that comes with a comprehensive warranty. In fact, before you even make a purchase, take the time to compare the warranties of different wheels so that you can select a model that gives you the best coverage.

With these tips, your search for a good roll-out wheel can be ultimately successful. Contact retailers who have this kind of equipment and inquire how their wheels might work best for you.


19 October 2016

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