Tips For Creating A Custom Fabricated Winch Bumper For Your New Trail Rig

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When you are customizing your off-road trail rig, one of the things you need to think about is accommodation for installing a winch. For many trail riders, this means creating a custom bumper with a winch plate cut to fit. Don't risk going out on the trail without some way to get yourself out of a rut or a high-center situation. If you can't find a bumper that works for what you're doing, you can work with a metal fabrication shop to have one custom-built.

Measure For The Frame

To create the right bumper, you need to know the necessary dimensions. Start by measuring from the truck body to the outside edge of the bumper that's currently in place. That way, you know how deep the stock bumper is. Then, you can create your new bumper design to be at least that deep for consistency in the mounting brackets.

Measure the width of the front end of the truck as well. This tells you how wide the bumper design needs to be for a proper fit. Otherwise, you risk having a finished bumper that either protrudes from either side of the truck and poses a safety hazard or is too short and doesn't fit the full dimensions.

Before you finalize your design, check with your local Department of Transportation about the dimensions that are permitted for bumper height. Many states require you to have a specific distance between the bottom of the bumper and the ground.

Add the winch plate to the front center of the bumper design and reinforce it with a solid steel plate. Measure the mounting brackets of the winch you chose and make sure that the cutout will hold it securely.

Build The Frame

Remove your stock bumper from the truck, but don't take the mounts or supports off the truck. You'll need those to put the new bumper in place, and you can use those mounts to help you measure for the cutouts to mount the new bumper. If you're installing a bumper that's markedly heavier than the stock one, consider adding some reinforcement for more support.

Work with a steel fabrication contractor to get the pieces measured and cut with a laser machine. This gives you the sharp, clean edges that you need for a polished finish. Your steel fabricator can also do the welding and finish work so your bumper is ready for the trail. For more information, contact a business such as Ceramic Technology Inc.


18 October 2016

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