Preparing And Caring For Your New Tank

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If you have obtained a new tank for your factory that is going to hold anything from seawater to corrosive chemicals, you need to coat the tank's interior to keep the tank in good shape. While companies have tried in the past to cut costs by using supposedly corrosion-resistant materials, coating is really the best way to keep the tank sound. Without a coating, you are substantially reducing the life of the tank itself.

Even Stainless Steel Should Be Coated

Stainless steel is known as a highly corrosion-resistant material, but even it can experience problems if highly corrosive chemicals (or even salt water) rest against it. Rather than taking a chance, coating the tank is better even if it's made of stainless steel. The coating will provide an extra layer of protection, and the stainless steel will better resist corrosion during short-term exposure should the coating be breached.

Slippery Coatings Equal Easier Cleaning

If you plan to use the tank to hold different types of liquids, you need to clean the tank out thoroughly, of course. Mixing chemicals with each other or with salt or fresh water isn't a good idea. For this reason, you need cleaning to go as smoothly as possible, and a smooth, slick coating is best for that result. Rougher coatings could trap particles of the previous cargo, allowing them to mix with the new cargo in the tank. It's better to have a smooth coating such as polymer coatings if you need to clean the tank frequently.

Inspect Frequently

New coatings should last a long time, but there's always the chance of being damaged, especially if the tank has been through something rough, like a quake. Always inspect the exterior of the tank as much as you can, and inspect the interior after it has been cleaned. Patch cracks or dents as soon as possible and before filling up the tank again.

Double-Check Cargo Chemicals

Make sure your cargo is compatible with the coating before adding the chemical or liquid! Many coatings are designed to resist corrosion from most chemicals and liquids, but there is always the chance that you could have to carry a chemical in the tank that does react with the coating.

Contact tank coating companies to find out what their latest coating technology is like. Companies have been working to make coatings better and better, and chances are you'll end up with one that allows you to carry most, if not all, types of liquid or chemical cargo.


18 October 2016

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