Residential Dust Control: A Quick Look At Techniques You Can Use To Help The Problem

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You may enjoy your quaint rural setting at the end of a dirt road, but if there's one thing an unpaved road can provide that is not desirable, it is definitely road dust problems. Road dust may only look like dirt and debris, but hidden inside this material could be everything from oil- and fuel-soaked particles to animal dropping fragments. So road dust is definitely not something you want sprayed all over your home, vegetable garden, or even your children playing outside when a vehicle uses the unpaved path. Here is a closer look at a few easy ways you may be able to control the road dust problems you have on your property. 

Water the unpaved road in regular intervals. 

As much as it may sound like an odd thing to do, watering the dirt road around or leading to your home is an excellent way to diminish issues with road dust. Moisture naturally binds dust articles together, making them more dense and less likely to become airborne when a car passes through. Simply taking out a lengthy garden hose and giving the road a good light spraying once or twice a day can make a huge difference in the level of dust you see. This may not be feasible if the dirt road is long, but if nothing else, you can spray the section of the road closest to your home. 

Ask about regulating speed on the road.

The faster vehicles move along the dirt road near your home, the more dust you will see projected into the air with a passing vehicle. For this reason, it is a good idea to talk to the local department of highways about getting a speed limit sign posted. Even though speeds are not normally regulated on unpaved roads, in some situations, exceptions can be made for the safety of the surrounding residents who are exposed to the road dust. 

Consider applying a road dust control product. 

You can buy road dust control products at just about any home improvement store ad these can actually be really effective if you want a solution that will last for a while. These products are often oil or petroleum based and are designed to bind the dust particles together on the roadway so they stay in place. The application process involves spraying a layer of the product over the surface of the road, which is a simple thing. 


17 October 2016

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