Fixing A Problematic Excavator Hydraulic System

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Has the lift bucket on your excavator slowed down to the extent of being useless? You must keep in mind that the lift bucket can only move if the hydraulic system is in a functional condition. There are actually several parts that make up the hydraulic system, and any of the parts can be the cause of the problem. This article will give you some information that will help you get a general idea of what kind of repairs your excavator might need.

Fluid Leaks Out of the Hydraulic Lines

None of the parts to the hydraulic system will function properly with an insufficient amount of fluid in the excavator. It is possible that the lift bucket is moving slowly because there isn't enough hydraulic fluid making out of the lines. The problem might stem from the lines being cracked and the fluid leaking out in large amounts. A contractor can repair or replace the lines depending on the severity of damage. If the lines are not cracked, the fittings might simply need to be tightened or replaced.

The Hydraulic Cylinder to the Lift Bucket is Damaged

There are numerous hydraulic cylinders on an excavator to help different parts function. The cylinder that is for the lift bucket might be damaged, such as have a hole or crack in it. Keep in mind that the cylinder must be able to hold hydraulic fluid without it leaking out. A contractor might be able to patch up any holes that are present in the cylinder if they are small enough. It is in your best interest to get the cylinder replaced if the holes and cracks are large.

You Need to Get the Hydraulic Pump Replaced

The pump is one of the main parts of the hydraulic system. Basically, your excavator uses the pump to produce a high amount of pressure that sends hydraulic fluid through the lines and into the cylinders. A weak functioning pump is a sign that it is in need of being cleaned. However, it is also possible that the pump is simply old and need to be replaced.

Contaminated Hydraulic Fluid is in Your Excavator

The problem with the lift bucket might stem from there being contaminated hydraulic fluid in your excavator. Contamination can happen from dirt and other types of debris mixing with the fluid, such as from parts being dirty or rusty. Speak to a contractor (like Clearwater Hydraulics & Drive Shaft Service) about making repairs so the lift bucket on your excavator can begin functioning again.


14 October 2016

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