Minimize Trash And Foul Odors At The Small Fruit And Vegetable Cannery That You Own

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If you own a small fruit and vegetable cannery and are looking at ways to minimize the amount of trash that is placed inside of the dumpster that you rent in order to reduce your trash bill and eliminate foul odors on your property, the following suggestions may be beneficial.

Sell Dented Cans For A Reduced Fee

Once cans are inspected at the cannery and dented ones that cannot be sold inside of a regular grocery store have been removed from the batch, set the damaged cans aside and sell them to employees or individuals in the community for a reduced fee. If there are any discount stores in your neighborhood, find out if the owner of each one would be interested in purchasing some of the items in order to add them to the inventory that they sell to locals.

Donate Leftovers That Cannot Be Canned

When fruit and vegetables are first inspected and sorted upon their arrival to the cannery, items that are slightly imperfect, but not rotten, can be donated to an agency that collects food for the needy or to individuals who you know personally. You can also drop off food to local churches, schools, or soup kitchens. Giving back to the community will be a commendable act and will make you feel good about the fact that you are not wasting food items that can be consumed and that will be appreciated. 

Seal Scraps Inside A Waterproof Container

Place fruit and vegetable scraps that have fallen onto the floor or that are not fresh inside of a waterproof container that has a matching lid. Instruct your employees to add food items to the container as needed, until it is full. Place the sealed scraps inside of the dumpster right before it is time for trash to be picked up by the waste management company.

If you are concerned about foul odors, in spite of the airtight container, add a few charcoal briquettes to the bottom of the dumpster to absorb unpleasant scents prior to placing the food scraps inside of the waste container.

All of the tips, as well as using a water hose, scrub brush, and detergent to regularly clean the area where trash is disposed of, will drastically cut back on the amount of items that are tossed out and will prevent foul smells from making your cannery's property unpleasant and unsanitary.

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22 September 2016

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