Three Tips For Caring For Your Air Compressor


Depending on the project, you may need to use tools that require a source of compressed air. While air compressors can be extremely reliable devices, there are some fairly routine mistakes that people can make, which can expose their system to a higher risk of suffering problems. To help you avoid problems with your air compressor, you will want to utilize the following few maintenance and care tips.

Check The Moisture Tanks

An air compressor can generate a sizable amount of condensation. This occurs because the compression process will force the air to release much of its moisture. To prevent this condensation from flooding the system, manufacturers include a condensation collection tank. However, if this tank is not emptied on a regular basis, it can overflow, which may lead to flooding. By emptying these storage tanks prior to each use of the compressor, you can greatly reduce the risk of this problem striking your unit.

Dust The Vents

In order to function, an air compressor will need a steady flow of air. Unfortunately, dust and other debris can start to accumulate on the exterior vents. These accumulations will decrease the air intake of the unit, which can cause serious performance issues. In extreme cases, this problem can even cause serious damage to the unit. Preventing this issue will entail dusting the events prior to each use. When doing this task, you will want to use a microfiber cloth and gently wipe away the dust accumulations.

Inspect Hose Connections

While it is being used, your air compressor can create substantial vibrations. These vibrations can cause the hose fitting to start to loosen, and this may allow compressed air to escape before it reaches your tool. You can help to avoid this problem by tightening the connection before you use the air compressor. When tightening, you may also want to look for signs of corrosion or warping. If you notice these problems, you will need to contact a professional to repair the unit as this type of damage is only likely to get worse.

Using an air compressor may be an essential way of powering your tools. However, it is a reality that it can be easy to overlook the type of care that these tools need. By making sure that you appreciate the need to emptying the condensation collection pans, dust the vents and check the hose connections, you will be able to minimize the risk of these potentially disruptive problems striking your air compressor. Contact a supplier like Compressor-Pump & Service, Inc. to learn more about how to keep your air compressor in good condition.


25 August 2016

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